Coaching Journey

 Create a meaningful life for yourself, people you care for and the planet


AIWalk is a transformational group coaching program that helps you see, be and make a difference.

During the program you will – in an experiential and creative way – learn to create a meaningful life for yourself, people you care for and the planet. You will start seeing more clearly how the different bits and pieces of your life can beautifully be woven together to make you stronger in what ever you choose to do next. You will strengthen your presence and get an experience of what happens when you listen to and align with you intrinsic knowing. And, you will learn how to bring your inner wisdom out to the world, and create wider positive impact.  

The program is based on the Align & Impact -approach. This approach brings together two important themes of our time –  self development and social impact. It is comprehensive and systematic, yet dynamic and spacious methodology for you to reach the changes in your life that you’ve longed for.  

Join in and start creating a consciously human and sustainable life and world. 

When you’re aligned with your intrinsic knowing, it’s easy to say “I know“.


COMING UP 2020!       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615

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