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Creative & expert works – social impact core

“Creative activists are telling the stories that need to be told, about the problems that need to be solved. They’re in the front lines of making change. They create awareness so we can’t say we didn’t know.” Kathy Eldon, Creative Visions 

We work with content and communications. We research, produce, publish and build reach for art, media, publications & communication which help people see, be and make a difference. 

Impact Art & Media

Do you have a creative idea or initiative that’s aiming for or already producing positive social impact?  Do you need a producer to help you take your work forward? Contact us – let’s make magic happen! 

We produce and build reach for art & media for social impact. Our tailor-made services may include: Participative potentiality research, facilitation of co- creative concept planning & story design, creative and impact specialist team leadership, project & production management and impact producer’s services.

 Impact Communication

Do you know the best ways how to communicate your organization’s results and impact?  Does your communication help people understand, be inspired by and trust your expertise?  We’ll help you! 

Impact communication is a key success factor of your impact organization. We plan, train, coach and produce communication with an impact knowledge heart. Let’s make your impact come alive in your organization’s communication, every day.   


Do you have an important story to tell, meaningful knowledge and wisdom to share?  What kind of support do you need? Let us know – we’ll help you take the next steps!

We support & challenge you sharing your knowledge or story, connect you with partners and handle the hustles of publishing. We take care of for example IPR acquisition, management of design, review, edit and production, commercial arrangements, contracts, distribution and promotion. 


“Little ideas that tickle and nag and refuse to go away…
in them lie the seeds of destiny.”

-Babe the movie


We also offer creative and expert change makers coaching and cooperation in workshop/educational content design and facilitation.  


Impact Video / Vaikuttavuusvideo

Impact communication just went audiovisual


A combination of open-minded creativity,  top notch production skills and flowing cooperation.

Co-creation with this company is just… plain COOL. They are able to get the best out of people’s skills, and sparks going for positive change!

Working with AIknow is everything we could wish for. You do our work process easy with your expertise.

We feel that we are deeply understood – what we do, why and how.       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615