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Words have a lot of power. The set of words you use daily in your work is directly linked with your (conscious and unconscious) thoughts and actions. Connection, compassion, communication, cooperation, community…many good things in life start with a ‘co’. Let’s see how these words are tuning our work.


Pause and think for a moment. When was the last time you experienced a moment of misunderstanding? Someone used a certain word, but meant something completely different with it than you’re used to? On the other hand – when did you have a feeling that “this person really understands me”? What words and expressions did they used that made you think or feel this way? 

Words have a lot of power. They can build – and destroy. The words you use daily in your work are directly liked with your (conscious and unconscious) thoughts and actions. They might set the whole tone for your day, actions you take and results you achieve. 

Establishing a company and finding or creating a space in the market for it includes (among many other things) a lot of work with setting the tone, look and feel for your brand. What kind of customers and partners do we want to attract? What is the message that our brand will send out? Identifying words that are describing your company is an important part of all of it. Words can make your brand stronger – or create a lot of confusion. 

As we are in the phase of creating a path for our own brand, we’ve given quite a bit of thought to how to communicate what where here for. We’ve looked into balancing what’s important for us as founders with what’s important to the people and organizations we will be working with. How to reach the hearts and minds of people that we can best serve? How to attract people and organizations who would like to co-create something new and exciting with us? We feel that many words starting with ‘co’ is a natural place for us to start. 

Here’s a reflection on some of the ‘co’ -words that we identify with. Words with an energy which we would like AIknow Agency brand to radiate. What do you think about them? 


Connection – the most empowering experience there is. And why? This can be reflected through the concepts of ‘rapport’ and ‘roots’. 

Rapport means: “A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well“. Some people create rapport more easily than others, without even paying much attention to it. Coaches, mentors, anyone who works a lot with people practice it. They are – or learn to be – professionals in creating rapport with people. It’s one of the core skills that we also use to create results with our clients. 

Another important people skill is called roots. Put simply, roots is knowing yourself thoroughly (being self-aware) and appreciating yourself for who you are. “Having your shit together” could be another way to say it. So, it’s basically having good rapport with yourself. Companies can use the idea of roots as well in establishing an understanding of the core purpose, vision, strategy and style of operation. 

‘Roots’ and ‘rapport’ are all about a connection. Meaningful relationship and open, honest dialogue with yourself, other people – and the living system, nature around us. An experience to be cultivated and appreciated. A base for fruitful cooperation and partnership. This is what we strive for.

We @ AIknow keep our connections pure, honest and strong. Within, with our natural environment, with you. 


Compassion is ‘sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it‘. Compassion is caring, and willingness to act. Connecting with someone requires empathy, starting to help them is all about compassion.

Compassion in business has been studied recently quite a bit. Business culture cultivating compassion have been linked to for example higher levels of job satisfaction and teamwork, organizational commitment, accountability on the job, and lower levels of absenteeism. Results that add directly to the two bottom lines – people and profit. Could we extend our compassion towards nature, and add to another bottom line result- the environment? What would a compassionate bottom line look like?

We @AIknow show compassion towards those in need, and do our share to help. 


For us, communication is important from three perspectives. First, open and honest communication is our pride. As is listening carefully, an important part of effective communication.

Second, communication is an integral part of our creative work: we listen to, develop and share stories and knowledge that have a potential to uplift and activate people.

Third, we research and develop impact communication. During these times when responsibility is one of the business megatrends, everyone talks about how well they contribute to creating positive social and environmental impact. Some do it with integrity, some with the aim of “purpose washing”. If you’re not an expert, it’s very easy to be mislead by these messages.

Proving and improving impact is not an easy task – we’ve been working in the impact modelling and measurement sphere for so long that we, if someone, know that. Still, we give it a try. Our own impact communication can be found via our Sense a difference impact tracker.

We @ AIknow communicate with integrity. Our own stories – and yours.  


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” (African proverb). Cooperation is vital in impact work. One person or a company can do their share – which is important. But the ripples travel only so far. A group of people – or in business, wide network of connected people and organizations  – can achieve and impact much more.

‘Co’ and ‘operation’. Together, being active. That’s pretty much what we stand for in our mission to create a better world. And that’s why we also work with and through cooperatives such as Growthroom, Impactor and Kreatos Films.

AIknow Agency is created on the very idea of cooperation. 


While communication and cooperation are a powerful tools to get things started and done, community is space where things live on.  Communities are reflective groups that help you and your work evolve. They are platforms for co-creation and mutual learning, places of discovery and innovation.

Communities are part of our work in two ways. On one hand we are part of many professional and personal communities that help us develop our own expertise, professionalism and creativity, and keep our roots strong. And on the other, we actively create and host new communities in which people and organizations can connect and develop themselves. Active community links can be found through our current projects page Now.

We @ AIknow belong to and build communities of shared interest and trust. 



As these ‘co’ -words inspire and energize us, we will be writing in more detail about them in future blog posts, with ideas on how you can integrate them in your own life and work.

So what do you think? How do these words work for you? Is a brand that radiates them “your thing”? And most importantly:

What words radiate You?


Written by: Aino Elina Muhonen, CEO


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