Human Development


Human connection, inspired by nature

We work with people. We design and facilitate coaching programs and workshops.


AIknow coaching is designed to help people gain more agency in their life and social impact work. Coaching seeks to raise awareness of values and sense of identity and align them with the bigger picture. It helps you connect with your unique strengths, explore your working and/or lifestyle and behaviors – and transform conflicting behavior. You get tools and strategies to improving you life, and aligning your own potential with making a difference in the world. 

If you sense that something in your life or work is missing, hiding or bound….it propably is just waiting to be brought into attention, and unleashed. Let’s explore it together – and develop a stronger agency for you in your own life – as part of a whole. 


We accompany leaders, experts, researchers and trainers in designing and facilitating workshops, training programs and educational content.  We’re especially interested in working with knowledge-sharing and capabilities building programs that support creative, human and sustainable ways of living and working.

Looking to enhance awareness, curiosity, courage, open dialogue, learning and co-creation in your organization?  Let’s see what’s possible!   

“When will and imagination take a measure,
imagination always wins”

– Wisdom of an old master




Impressive and memorable sessions both during planning and in the actual delivery.

Inspirational and appreciative presence, clear structure and comprehensive know-how.

AIknow coaching has shown me the power of the relationship space. Thanks to coaching, I was able to make valuable shifts in both work-related topics and personal life.

I felt very safe, comfortable and at ease during the process. A new more positive and optimistic way of thinking emerged.       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615