Human Development


True connection, impactful dialogue

We work with people. We design and facilitate coaching programs and workshops.


Do you want clarification, focus and energy to your life and impact work? 

AIknow coaching is designed to support the lives and work of social change makers. Coaching helps you connect more deeply with your core strengths, align everyday actions towards impact goals and recognize and work with unique potentials even in fast-paced and ever-changing circumstances.

As a result, impact transforms from something only made into something truly lived.  


Looking to engage people into deeper dialogue, learning and co-creation?

We accompany leaders, experts, researchers and trainers in designing and facilitating workshops, training programs and educational content.  We’re especially interested in working with knowledge-sharing and capabilities building programs that support creative, human and sustainable ways of living and working.


“When will and imagination take a measure,
imagination always wins”

– Wisdom of an old master




Impressive and memorable sessions both during planning and in the actual delivery.

Inspirational and appreciative presence, clear structure and comprehensive know-how.

AIknow coaching has shown me the power of the relationship space. Thanks to coaching, I was able to make valuable shifts in both work-related topics and personal life. 

I felt very safe, comfortable and at ease during the process. A new more positive and optimistic way of thinking emerged.       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615