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Good news – and the bad

Social and environmental impact organizations are doing a great job in creating a better world for all of us. 

Social enterprises, non-profits and regenerative enterprises have started integrating impact follow-up and reporting in core of their strategy and processes. A lot of  work is put into the practice of bringing impact stories alive, and developing and showing the “theory of change” in a credible form for different stakeholders of the organizations.

What we are not seeing – enough – is the well deserved reactions from wider audiences as actions that build more support for the the impact makers.


Employees, customers, partners and investors are keen on learning and getting excited about impact. Impact organizations often fail to serve the need for understanding well.

They have a hard time letting people really know – in both engaging and informative way – what kind of impact they aim towards and how well they succeed in their work. They tell bits and pieces of stories and information in different channels, often times missing the logical and comprehensive picture of the why, what, how and when of impact work. They produce lengthy and in-depth, but highly non-engaging reports to funding partners.  


Video is the best media to use when bringing social impact to the hearts and minds of people. BUT –  video is not used much today in impact communication!

Yes – there are actors who use video in their communication. But is impact their core message? Not very often. And certainly not very clearly. We felt it’s about time to start changing that.

How to bring the meaningful stories of impact alive – really seen, heard and felt? And how to, at the same time, provide important information about the wider positive impact achieved and aimed towards in a societal level? What kind of videos are best for helping people understand and develop interest or even passion towards supporting impact work more? What defines the most impactful video content? 

These are some of the questions we want to find answers to.

The Step

We will help the impact makers communicate their social and environmental impact with videos.

The work has started in May 2019 with a research, development, piloting and training project in partnership with Kreatos Films and Finnish Association for Social Enterprises ARVO. The work contributes to and is funded by an impact measurement development project:   

Together with the Impact community we will: 1) Research impact communication in Finland – and how videos are and could be used as part of it,  2) form an evidence-based understanding of the essence of an impactful video content for different types of audiences, 3) establish an online impact video development community, 4) produce 5 impact videos and 5) train impact organizations. Learn more in: 


We’re looking for international partnerships for the next level and phase of the development.

Would like to contribute?       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615

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