Personal Coaching Sessions in Nature

Step into your nature

Natural Coaching takes you to a walking coaching exploration in nature with a professional coach.

During the session(s), you get to experience deeper dialogue with yourself and the surrounding environment. You’ll learn tools with which you’ll be able to discover new potential and clarity in your life, strengthen your intentions, cultivate an open and curious mindset, find new insights, and commit to your next steps.

We use simple yet powerful Transformational Presence Leadership & Coaching tools and Green Power – Nature’s Way approach as our companions. Step out in nature with us and start creating something amazing and inspirational in your life!

One step every day takes you there.


Aino Elina Muhonen
M.Sci (Bus.Adm&Org.), Certified coach, NLP master, QSL mentor

As a coach Aino Elina brings together her capacity to connect warmheartedly and come to the core of matters.  

Thanks to Aino Elina’s coaching I was able to make valuable shifts in both workrelated topics and my personal life.

Agnita, Change and Leadership Consultant

Natural stress-relief | New dialogue tools | Deeper awareness of your situation | Clarified intention | Commitment to your next step  | BONUS: The good things that follow once you take the first step. 

NC now includes a free introductory interview (15 min) online, and up to 2h walking coaching session in nature together with the coach. Contact us for more information and to book a step

NC next is a follow-up process tailored for your needs: recommended excercises for you to do by yourself in nature, walking coaching with remote connection with a coach, walking coaching with a coach or a combination of these.

NC exp is a group coaching experience – an exploration in nature for groups of 2-5 people. Recommended to support your vision and strategy work or workplace wellbeing and teamwork. Contact us for an offer.       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615

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