This is how we work

Social impact is at the core of our work. We think that 3 major things enable sustainable change. SEEING hope and potential of change. BEING willing and able to change – and be part of the solution. And MAKING change happen collaboratively, through concrete action steps – one by one. Our work with content and organizations consider all three them.

CREATIVE, HUMAN, SUSTAINABLE. There’s artistry, and a real human touch in everything we do.  We blend a variety of approaches and methods in our work.  We are committed to bringing the best possible value to you, your organization – and life. 

Learn about our core working frameworks below.

Impact-driven art & communication

Clearly communicated data, combined with storytelling is interesting and effective. When using emotionally engaging formats or media to share proven stories of change, we tap into a powerful combination of communication about and for impact.

We combine strong impact knowledge and a variety of communication methods in our work. We also enhance the use of art and cultural approaches in impact work. 

Coaching and nature-centered methods

Coaching is a practical process which focuses in recognizing resources and using them in best possible ways to clarify and reach personal or organizational goals. It involves supporting, challenging and inspiring with questions and use of tools that enhance active presence and self reflection. Coaching helps in reaching sustainable change.

Nature-centered methods are used to strengthen human-nature connection and to enable use of natural environment as a dialogic partner in coaching work. 

Dialogic and systemic development methods

Dialogic and systemic methods help us make our complex world more understandable. They make sensing, discussing and transforming complex situations smarter.

As people and organizations are always part of a bigger system, wisdom comes not only from optimizing a part, but having a true dialogue with and considering the whole as well.

“We do not think ourselves into a new living, but we live ourselves into new thinking.”


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