There are moments in our lives when we “just know”. In those moments, something shifts and we begin taking steps to a new direction. Everyone has a story like that. 

 This is our story.

It has no real beginning – nor does it have a clear end. It’s like life, in all it’s colors and cycles – ever evolving. Somewhere along the way (long long time before sustainability and social impact became the buzzwords and megatrends) we begun to see differently, be differently. Developed passion – and action – for making a difference. We just did it elsewhere first. 

At the very core of our story, energizing it and keeping it alive, are moments of “truth”. Aligning with intrinsic knowing. In these moments potential is awakened, courage gathered. Steps decided and taken.  

One of these very special moments emerged during summer 2012 in a rocky beach of Espoo, Finland. It set into motion a development path, which resulted in founding of our company. Short film telling about it coming up

Our story continues as an exploration towards a clear purpose – aligning and inspiring movement towards a more creative, human and sustainable world. A world, where people and organizations can really see, be and make a difference.   


Our Values & Choices

Commitment to a chosen course

We choose to align our work with our values, vision & mission: More agency towards a creative, human and sustainable life.   

Recognition of the natural; essential

We choose to respect differences – and nurture inner strengths. Each path is unique. Each path counts.   

Doing in full awareness

We choose to work wisely; intelligence and intuition, combined.

Producing effect; keeping in movement

We choose to act, get there, and leave a positive mark.

info@aiknow.fi       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615