We are here to enable 1 million steps towards a more CREATIVE, HUMAN and SUSTAINABLE life.

Steps are concrete actions that we’re inviting into movement together with our clients and partners. A step can be that of a person making a whole new choice in life, or an organizational shift towards a more sustainable business model. Every step is different. Every step is equally important. Every step counts.

We keep track of these steps. So that we can sense the difference we’ve been able to make. 

STEPS now taken!

Status: 1.9.2018-28.2.2019

We’ve just been born a while ago, and are just taking our first steps. But we have a big vision and we’re committed to seeing, being and making it through. Partnerships, services, projects and productions are in co-creation – as is our impact tracking system.

So there’s not much to see here yet – but, we invite you to stay curious and check back once in a while! Tracking is updated every six months.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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