It’s time for a new story

Sense a difference

“We do not think ourselves into a new kind of living,
but we live ourselves into new kind of thinking” R.Rohr


We offer creative, production and development companionship to individuals and organizations. We help you see, be and make a difference. 

Creative production

We work with content.

We research, produce and publish media with impact. To share knowledge and stories that have a potential to touch, and inspire action. We help you SEE A DIFFERENCE. Read more…

Co-creation with this company is just… plain COOL. They are able to get the best of people’s skills and bring different key-stake holders together with a common purpose. They get sparks going for positive change!

Inspirational and appreciative presence, clear structure and comprehensive know-how, which result as impressive and memorable sessions both during planning and in the actual delivery.

human development

We work with people.

We support, challenge and inspire people, and facilitate development of human skills. To create and hold space for open dialogue, learning and co-creation. We help you BE A DIFFERENCE. Read more…

sustainable business

We work with change.

We partner with and coach ethical and impact businesses. Companies, platforms, communities and brands that have sustainability and passion for positive impact at their core. We bring with us systemic thinking and practical development tools. We help you MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Read more…

Excellent social impact expertise and content, a well-structured day, great tips for hands-on development work, and an awesome coach.

Creative, human and sustainable

We blend a variety of approaches and methods in our work. We bring with us presence, insight, energy, focus, form and movement. There’s artistry, and a real human touch in everything we do. We are committed to bringing the best possible value to you, your organization – and life.

Learn about our core working frameworks below.

Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is communication that uses EMOTIONALLY ENGAGING formats or media to share STORIES of change. It includes still and moving pictures, sounds, infographics and other compelling and informative elements.

Digital storytelling is THE MOST INFLUENTIAL way of COMMUNICATION of today.

Natural Coaching

Coaching is a practical process which focuses in recognizing RESOURCES and using them in best possible ways to reach the identified GOALS. It involves supporting, challenging mainly with inspirational QUESTIONS. We also work with tools and techniques of NLP, Transformational Presence, Mindfulness, Systemic constellation, Social panorama and Green Power, to ensure the most NATURAL development path for our clients. 

Systemic development

Systemic development is a framework which aims to make SENSING and TRANSFORMING COMPLEX SITUATIONS smarter. As people and organizations are always part of a bigger system, wisdom comes not only from optimizing a part, but considering the whole as well.

Systemic view helps people and organizations focus and prioritize their actions, and to BE MORE SUSTAINABLE.       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615