Sustainable business

Impact advisory  |  Impact investments

We work with impact. We invest time and money into companies, platforms and communities that aim to make a positive difference. 

Impact advisory

Business landscape has rapidly changed. Meeting and exceeding sustainability goals and seeking to impact positively in the world is smarter than ever. And it feels good.

We work with organizations that want to rise and walk in the front lines of new business paradigm. We are your agency when you want to:

  • find out how your whole business can be geared towards ambitius world-saving goals
  • connect with and coach your people to support reaching impact goals and sustainable wellbeing in your own organization
  • build impact partnerships and projects.

Impact investments

We’re constantly looking for opportunities to make a difference through investing in (big and small) initiatives that aim to create change for better.


    “True innovation comes from reaching for the potential in something:
    its possible manifestations that don’t yet exist.”

    – C.Sanford


    Master in helping customers find solutions to their problems. Catchy enthusiasm, devotion and care! 


    Excellent impact expertise and content, a well-structured day, great tips for hands-on developent work and an awesome coach.

    I would not hesitate to bid for this company for any development needs. I know that they will deliver what they've promised, and usually more. 

    Sees and understands the sometimes invisible elements of the organizational culture and their impact on the whole. Encourages people to step forward and find excellent solutions. 

    info@aiknow.fi       Espoo, Finland     +350 400 164323     VAT# FI29324615