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It’s time for a new story

We are AIknow Agency. We are a Finland-based, globally oriented family company, on a mission to make a difference. We want to enable 1 million steps  – concrete, visible and measurable actions – towards a more creative, human and sustainable world. We offer creative, production and development companionship to individuals and organizations. 

Our story has no one beginning – nor does it have a clear end. It’s like life, in all it’s colors and cycles – ever evolving. Somewhere along the way we’ve learned to see differently, be differently. Developed a passion and agency for making a difference.

At the very core of the story are the moments in our lives when we “just know”. In those moments, something shifts and we begin taking steps to a new direction. Everyone has a story like that. 

In those moments it’s pretty easy to just say “I know”. Feel the kind of certainty that will align your mind and whole being towards meaningful work, turn decision-making frugal and let you be open to the possibilities life opens up for you. This is precisely the kind of experience and state-of-doing we at AIknow love to explore and strengthen with our partners and clients.  

We work with creative production, human development and sustainable business. Our style is multidisciplinary – the core approaches in our work are digital storytelling, natural coaching and systemic development. 

AIknow Blog is hosted by me, Aino Elina – the company CEO and Lead Impact Producer. Through leading this company forward I aim to truly be the change I want to see in the world. In this blog I will be listening to the whispers and shouts of the world, reflecting on supportive, challenging and inspirational themes – and making sense of the complexities of impact work.  I will invite our team members, network experts, clients and partners to share their stories as well. 

AIknow story continues as an exploration that will be revealed moment by moment, step by step. We’re inviting you to sense, experience and learn from them with us. See, be and make a difference!

 Aino Elina

Aino Elina Muhonen

About the writer

Aino Elina is the CEO of AIknow Agency. She is a media producer, sustainable business & impact specialist, experienced innovation project lead and certified coach. At AIknow she aims to truly be the change she wants to see in life.

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